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Watercolors are an amazing and versatile art medium. We love that you can make both paintings with extreme layers and details as well as fast whimsical color studies and experiment with unusual tricks and techniques. In this summer watercolor series we are using the KMM Giant Rainbow Crayon as a wax resist and common table [...]


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Ticking is a type of striped fabric that has been around for decades. It is often called “mattress ticking” [as it was primarily used to cover mattresses] and comes in several 2-color combinations. It is a woven fabric that feels like denim or twill. The threads that are woven from side to side are called [...]


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KMM Markers are a great drawing tools, they come in both washable and permanent ink for multiple uses.In this video we demonstrate collaborative drawing projects with KMM Markers, happy drawing party!  


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We love that we have the opportunity to share the work of some of the many ARTISTS WE LOVE! in this re-occurring section of the KMM blog. They show us what they are thinking, what moves them to make the work they do and how it’s done! Gouache Drawings Yellow Crown Heron Toto Feldman, a Brooklyn [...]


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Welcome! In each segment of our new LOOK AGAIN section we celebrate a terrific project or idea from books we are fans of. We will visit craft and DIY books both new and old to celebrate great ideas that stand the test of time. Enjoy! This week we are celebrating summer with some very colorful [...]


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Combine several classical tie-dye techniques for a brand new effect! You will need Fabric Dye, a 12″x 8″ aluminum roasting pans, an iron, a sponge brush, rubber bands, and a washed shirt.


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Origami is an age old art form that has recently been evolving into a complex and exciting way to create contemporary art and sculpture. Between the Folds  is an Incredible 2008 documentary  by Director and Producer Vanessa Gould.  This film captures both the amazing new levels of technical skill  being exponentially acquired in recent years as well as demonstrating [...]


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One way to stay cool this summer is to dye your sheets with colored ice! Try using this extra-simple technique for dying multiple colors at once, you can create great pieces for decorating your room, clothes or even as away to add color to a drawing. Have a great time Ice-Dying!   ICE SHEETS from [...]


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Have you ever wanted to customize your very own musical instrument?  The Kid Made Modern Ukulele Stencil Kit includes a well made wooden instrument  with glitter, sticker paper, stencils and paint. What a great way to keep the music going!  

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