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Summer is in full swing and its the perfect time to make a hot craft that sparkles like the 4th of July! We love to use things in ways they weren’t intended for in our projects √† la crayon into necklace! Using a pack of Kid Made Modern crayon gems, learn how you can turn a classic drawing tool into a piece of summer jewelry or a scintillating object d’art.

Supplies; crayon gem, glitter, glue, sink chain, scissors, ball chain connector, bowl, drill bit.


Step 1 – Get an adult to help you puncture a hole in the crayon with a drill bit.


Step 2 – Hand-turn the drill bit through the crayon until it pokes through the other side. It may be helpful to start a hole directly opposite and alternate turning the drill bit through both sides. This may take a few minutes, so be patient.


Step 3 – Apply white glue with a brush to the surface(s) you wish to glitter.

GEMZ_5Step 4 РLightly tap your glitter shaker over surfaces that have been painted with glue.  This process is best done over a bowl or box which will catch the residual glitter, allowing you to reuse the extra! You may consider painting the other facets of the gem different colors. Wait for all other sides to be dry before painting other colors.

GEM_6Step 5 – Cut a strand of sink chair to a desired length with dull scissors. Pull the chain through the hole at the top of the now fully glittered gem.


Step 6 – Close the strand by attaching a ball chain connector (found at any hardware store) to the either end of the chain. Now your new piece of statement jewelry is ready to wear!


Our adorable friend Sasha rocking the look!

*Good to know – This simple process for glittering applies to so many other objects and materials. Remember, if you can put glue on it, you can make it sparkle!



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