All About Kid Made Modern

It all started as a design problem that needed to be solved. Our studio team in New York City took to the task seriously, and wanted to create something magical for the kids we knew and loved. How do we engage and enable young children through thoughtful design and play? How can we create new ways for kids of all ages to enjoy creating by hand and infuse them with the sense of excitement and accomplishment that comes from marveling at something they personally built? How can we save these wonderful moments of creativity and share them with our families and friends?

Kid Made Modern products seek to both delight and encourage the inner-artist and crafter in kids of all ages. Our studio brings a world of smart and fun products to a new generation that still desires to “make something”!

The ability to create or craft you own masterpiece with our unique activity kits, specialty crayons and pencils, papers and tape — give the Kid Made Modern child entry to an endless world of exploration and fun! Kid Made Modern products are the perfect choice for moms and dads, educators, and adult crafters that love color and great design. All of our products are manufactured and tested for safety and utilize the safest ingredients and most environmentally friendly materials possible.

Let’s Go Make Something!

With love and creativity,
— the Kid Made Modern team

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