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Apple Pie Bolo Tie DIY

Making this bolo tie is as easy as pie! Step into the season and get crafty with this simple DIY made from our Arts + Crafts Library.

This craft does require the use of a low-temp glue gun. Adult supervision is advised. 

Apple Pie Bolo Tie Ingredients

Ingredients: 2 wooden discs, 1 gold fuzzy stick, 20-24 silver sequins, 2 silver fuzzy sticks, 1 white felt sheet, 1 yellow felt sheet, 1 shoelace, and 1 straw. 

Apple Pie Bolo Tie Step 1

Step 1. Glue the two wooden discs together.


Apple Pie Bolo Tie Step 2

Step 2 Glue the cut strips of yellow felt in a grid and trim the excess.


Apple Pie Bolo Tie Step 3

Step 3. Glue the scalloped strip of felt to create the “crust”.


Apple Pie Bolo Tie Step 4

Step 4. Cover the edge of the bottom disk using the silver fuzzy stick.


Apple Pie Bolo Tie Step 5

Step 5. Glue the silver sequins over the silver fuzzy stick, overlapping each sequin slightly.


Apple Pie Bolo Tie Step 6

Step 6. Finish with a dollop of “whipped cream” cut from the white felt sheet.


Apple Pie Bolo Tie Step 7

Step 7. Glue two short pieces cut from the straw on the back of your pie.


Apple Pie Bolo Tie Step 8

Step 8. Feed the two ends of the shoelace into the two pieces of straw and pull through.


Apple Pie Bolo Tie Step 9

Step 9. Hold the ends of the shoelace together and wrap a gold fuzzy stick tightly around them to create a “stop” for your tie.


Apple Pie Bolo Tie Wear It

Show off your new bolo tie! 

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