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Beetle Ornament DIY

This tutorial will make your heart skip a beetle! Bug out and follow along to make your own colorful holiday ornament.
  • 1 Blue Wood Slice
  • 4 Light Blue Shell Paillettes
  • 4 Silver Shell Paillettes 
  • 2 Large Round Light Blue Paillettes
  • 1 Sheet of Blue Felt
  • 2 Striped Blue Fuzzy Sticks
  • 2 Small Googly Eyes 
  • 1 Skein of Black String



Beetle step 1

1. Glue the shell paillettes in two rows vertically on the wood slice, alternating silver and blue to create the beetle’s “wings”.


Beetle step 2

2. Glue the two round pailettes to one another, overlapping them slightly.


Beetle step 3

3. Glue the two pailettes onto the back of the top of the wood slice to create the base of the beetle’s head.


Beetle step 4

4. Cut rounded rectangle out of the felt and glue it to the back of the round pailettes to create the rest of the head.


Beetle step 5

5. Glue the googly eyes to either end of the head.


Beetle step 6

6. Cut a long, hooked shape out of the rest of the felt. Cut a small “Y” shape out of the end of the felt to create “pincers”. Lay the first pincer down on the remaining felt use it as a template, cutting around it to create a second, identical pincer.


Beetle step 7

7. Glue the flat ends of the pincers to the back of the beetle’s head.


Beetle step 8

8. Cut and shape six legs for your beetle and glue them to the back of the wood slice.


Beetle step 9

9. Cut a small length of string and create a loop. Glue the loop down to the back of the beetle’s head so you can proudly hang your creation from your tree!

* * * 



* * *

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