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Bursting Big Lettering Mail Art

Send a special craft through the mail and deliver joy.

Mailing artful creations via the trusty USPS is a fun, fun pastime. It will delight the sender (you) and definitely any friends who receive it (we promise!). The more peculiar your posts are, the gigglier everyone will be. Here are instructions for one beautiful piece of mail to construct, decorate, imbue with you-ness…and entrust to postal workers!

Supplies needed:

- Envelope

- Pencil

- Markers (or crayons or paint)

- Postage Stamp

Big Letter Mail Art Step 1

    1. Write a note to your friend. On the front of the envelope, pencil in their name and street number. Make your letters so big you might only be able to fit their first name!

    Big Letter Mail Art Step 2

    2. Draw a triangle at the tip of every letter and number.

    Big Letter Mail Art Step 3

    3. Draw a line connecting the tips of the triangles.

    Big Letter Mail Art Step 4

    4. Color in your letters and numbers.

    Big Letter Mail Art Step 5

    5. Now color the entire background.

    Big Letter Mail Art Step 6

    6. Outline each letter/number with a black marker.

    Big Letter Mail Art Step 7

    7. Write in your friend’s street name, city, state, and zip code.

    Big Letter Mail Art Step 8

    8. Attach a stamp to it and pop it in the mail.

    * * *

    Post by Kiera Coffee. Kiera is a prop stylist, writer, and crafter. To peek into her world of ideas (and postal high jinks) follow @KieraCoffee or visit