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Color-Blur Canvas Envelope DIY

Turn a beautiful painting into an envelope, and deliver joy via the mail.

Mailing artful creations via the trusty usps is a fun, fun pastime. It will delight the sender (you) and definitely any friends who receive it (we promise!). The more peculiar your posts are, the gigglier everyone will be. Here are instructions for one beautiful piece of mail to construct, decorate, imbue with you-ness…and entrust to postal workers!

Supplies needed:

- Artist’s Canvas (or Linen Fabric)

- Scissors

- Paint

- Glue

- Permanent Marker

- Postage Stamps (exact postage depends on size and weight)


Color Blur Mail Art Step 1

1. On a piece of canvas (or linen), paint an abstract design. If you paint a large piece of canvas you can get multiple envelopes out of it, but a small piece is fine too!

Color Blur Mail Art Step 2

2. Once your painting is dry, trace a rectangular book on the back of the canvas. Do this three times (the center rectangle is the body of your envelope).

Color Blur Mail Art Step 3

3. Draw envelope flaps out of the side rectangles. Make them big because you can always trim them smaller. (Side flaps should be around ¾ the width of the main body.)

NOTE: If you want to skip steps 2 and 3, you can unfold an existing envelope and trace it.

Color Blur Mail Art Step 4

4. Cut your envelope shape out, and fold it together to see if the dimensions are right. Trim flaps if needed.

Color Blur Mail Art Step 5

5. Glue side flaps to each other (where they overlap). Then glue bottom flap over those. Leave top flap open, to insert your note!

Color Blur Mail Art Step 6

6. Cut out a few bits of painted canvas from your scraps. You can make them any shape you like.

Color Blur Mail Art Step 7

7. Insert a note to your friend. Seal envelope closed by gluing the canvas bits over the top flap.

Color Blur Mail Art Step 7

8. Write your friend’s address on front with a permanent marker so it doesn’t bleed.

Color Blur Mail Art Step 8

9. Glue postage stamps onto it and pop it in the mail. 

* * *

Post by Kiera Coffee. Kiera is a prop stylist, writer, and crafter. To peek into her world of ideas (and postal high jinks) follow @KieraCoffee or visit