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Coloring Book Pen Holder

Color your own enchanted design and then upcycle it into a great pen holder! 

It never hurts to be prepared with arts + crafts on the go and our Enchanting Wonder Activity Kit will get you ready! Stocked with bright pens and metallic stickers, kids can dream up all kinds of adventures with the included coloring sheets. When they've finished coloring, turn that creative work into usable art! Add in a recyclable container and you'll have a great holder for those pens.


- On the Go Enchanting Wonder Activity Kit- available at select Walmart stores

- recycled container such as a can or cardboard receptacle

- scissors

- glue or tape


  1. Color! -- use the pens and stickers in the kit to color and decorate coloring pages.

  1. Trim pages -- trim coloring pages to a size that will wrap around your recycled container.

  1. Glue or tape pages -- adhere your trimmed coloring sheets to the outside of your recycled container. Use them to hold your pens, markers, or any other art supplies!