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Cosmic Fortune Giving Dream Jar

Give the gift that keeps it real and sends positive vibrations all year long! We’re not sure if it’s more fun making this fortune telling vessel or receiving such a magical force.

Each jar is completely unique just like you. We’ll walk you step by step as you create your very own high five, neon rainbow, banana split eating universe. Let’s get this show on the road and get the party started! We can all agree that after this project, your life will change and so will the world around you. Here we go! 


What You Need:

Cosmic jar supplies



Cosmic jar step 1a
Cosmic jar step 1

1. Melt crayons by microwaving your favorite colors from the Kid Made Modern Crayon Library separately in microwave safe bowls. Once your wax is soft and melted, let it cool slightly and start drizzling, pouring, splattering, or mushing with a fork onto the recycled jar. Repeat this until the entire jar is covered. Make sure to leave the threads of the jar uncovered so that the lid will still screw on.


Cosmic jar step 2

2. Cover the lid with Kid Made Modern Acrylic Paint or use neon tape from the Bright Bundle kit.


Cosmic jar step 3

3. Now let’s make a pile of double and triple stuffed fortune cookies! Start by taking a sheet of paper from the Neon Paper Pad. Cover one side with Striped Duct Tape. Place a cereal bowl face down onto the page and trace two circles onto the tape-covered paper. Cut the circles out and bend in half. Pinch the folded ends together towards the center, forming a fortune cookie! Use a few dots of glue in the crease to help your cookie look amazing.


Cosmic jar step 4

4. Once you’ve mastered the fortune cookie technique, the next one you make you’ll want to fill with surprises before you fold and glue it together. Make lots of fortune messages, gather sequins, pom poms, and other treasures you want to include from the Arts and Crafts Library.


Cosmic jar step 5
Cosmic jar step 5 a

5. Make wish bracelets, beaded bookmarks, pom pom pals, courage badges, ribbons of honor, and any other awesomeness you can think up. Gently place them all into the jar along with the triple stuffed fortune cookies. You can even put a few pieces of candy inside to make it even sweeter! Seal the jar with a big hug and give to someone who is completely amazing – who knows, that person might be you!


* * * 



* * * 

 Create your own unique dream jar with our Crayon Library, Striped Duct Tape Kit, and Arts and Crafts Library.