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Crustacean Infatuation Pin

Tell someone exactly how you feel this Valentine's Day with this pun-loving, amorous, anthropod!

1. Flip over your pink fluorescent sticker paper and draw a large heart (as large as you can fit on the sticker paper). Next draw two identical, smaller hearts. 


2. Cut out all three hearts.


3. From your remaining pink sticker paper, cut two very small, long rectangles to create the eye stalks.


4. Glue an eye stalk to the top of each lobe of the large heart.


5. Bend the pink fuzzy stick in half and cut it to create two even pieces.


6. Bend both halves of the fuzzy stick into an L shape to create the crab’s arms


7. Glue the arms to the sides of the crab’s body.


8. Finish the crab’s arms by adding the small hearts to the ends to create claws.


9. Glue down the sequins to the tops of the eye stalks


10. Cut two very small squares out of your purple sticker paper and round the edge to create pupils.


11. Glue the pupils into the center of the sequins.


12. Take a strip of fluorescent pink mini duct tape and fold it in half.


13. Cut the folded strip in half lengthwise to create two long, thin strips.

14. Repeat Step 13 twice until you have six skinny legs for your crab.


15. Glue the legs on the back of the crab’s body, underneath the arms. Trim them if the are uneven.


16. On your sheet of paper, write out “I’ve Got a CRUSH-Tacean on You” and draw a banner outline around your message.


17. Go over your design in red marker and cut it out.


18. Place dots of hot glue on the back of the crabs claws and gently place the banner so that it rests in the crab’s claws.


19. Glue a safety pin to the back of the crab, just below the fuzzy sticks.


* * * 



* * * 


Make your own Crustacean Infatuation Pin using our Smarts and Crafts Bright Bundle!