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Diamond Camp Ornament DIY

Weave a sparkly God’s Eye Ornament to send out positive vibes!

If you ever went to summer camp, chances are that you've made a God's Eye before. Originating from Mexico's Huichol Indians, these simple weavings are thought to provide positive, protective vibes. That's definitely something we could use those all year long, but they are especially fun to send out over the holidays. And with the help of our sparkly fuzzy sticks, this DIY has the perfect holiday shine.

Diamond Camp Ornament Materials


- craft sticks -- you can use plain sticks or grab some colored ones from our Arts + Crafts Supply Library.

- fuzzy sticks from the Kid Made Modern Smarts + Crafts Metal Mash-Up Craft Kit or Sparkle Stash Craft Kit.

- cording from either kit.


Diamond Camp Ornament Step 1

1. Form frame -- for the original diamond shape, cross two craft sticks in the middle and secure by winding a fuzzy stick around both shapes. For a star shape, criss cross three craft sticks in the middle and secure by winding two or three fuzzy sticks around all three shapes.

Diamond Camp Ornament Step 2a
Diamond Camp Ornament Step 2b
Diamond Camp Ornament Step 2c

2. Weave the ornament -- start in the center of your shape, loop the end of a fuzzy stick underneath a craft stick, weave it over the top to the right, over the top of the next craft stick, and wind it underneath the second stick.

Diamond Camp Ornament Step 2d

You might be able to repeat this a few times for the center of the smaller ornaments, but as you work your way out, one fuzzy stick will likely go between just two craft sticks. Repeat with the same color until you complete the circumference of the shape. Then continue with a new color to weave the next layer out. Repeat until you've covered the craft sticks almost completely -- you want a little of the stick to show the shape.

Diamond Camp Ornament Step 3

3. Add hanger -- cut a length of cord. Turning your woven frame over, find the tail end of a fuzzy stick near the end of the craft stick. Pull it up a bit and tie the cord to it. Then fold the fuzzy stick back down to secure it. Stretch the cord out the top and tie in a loop as a hanger.

Diamond Camp Ornament Done 1
Diamond Camp Ornament Done 2

* * *

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