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DIY Beaded Cardboard Letters

Kids can bead a bright decorative letter to make their room their own!

Decorative letters are a super fun way to let kids make a room their own by posting a monogram or even spelling out a word or phrase. Our DIY version uses recyclables and our Beach Bash Jewelry Kit to really stand out!

Beach Bash Jewelry Kit


- Beach Bash Jewelry Kit

- Cardboard

- Scissors

- Pencil

- Duct Tape


Beaded Cardboard Letter Step 1

1. Cut out cardboard letters -- trace or hand draw the letters you'd like to decorate onto a piece of cardboard. Cut out with sturdy scissors.

Beaded Cardboard Letter Step 2a
Beaded Cardboard Letter Step 2b

2. Thread beads and attach to letter -- use a piece of duct tape and secure the end of a piece of twine to the back of a letter. Add enough beads to span across a section of your letter.

Beaded Cardboard Letter Step 3a
Beaded Cardboard Letter Step 3b

3. Cover letter in additional strands of beads -- wind the tail of twine across the back of the letter and continue adding beads to the front of the letter, working your way across the letter. Secure the twine occasionally on the back of the letter as you work.

If you'd like to spell out a word or phrase, make additional letters. Or hang the single letter up among your other creative works!

Beaded Cardboard Letter Done

* * *

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Beach Bash Jewelry Kit