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DIY Bullet Journal for Kids

Make room to create while keeping track of your to-do-list. Learn how to design and make your own kids Bullet Journal with our Journal Craft Kit!

Bullet journaling is an analog system developed by designer Ryder Carroll to help you "track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future" all while getting to flex your creative muscles. It is an open-ended method of journaling and note-taking that uses bullet points as the core structure. While keeping you organized and efficient, it also invites creativity. It is a great way to get kids off the screens for a bit, help them stay organized, and gives them space to create. And our Journal Craft Kit is the perfect tool to do all those things!


- Journal Craft Kit

- printable bullet journal layouts (there are a TON free online - these are from The Petite Planner)

- scissors

- glue


1.  Insert printable layouts -- there are many different bullet journal layouts, but it's best to start simple. Find a monthly calendar, a habit tracker (kids love these!), and a weekly layout. Print them at a size that will fit in the journal's pages (you might need to experiment a bit with printing then at a reduced size), cut them out, and glue into the journal.

2.  Decorate! -- arguably one of the most fun parts of bullet journaling, use the kit's markers, stickers, and paper rolls to decorate your layouts.

3.  Fill in the layouts -- set up your monthly calendar and add any habits you'd like to track that month. Fill in the dates on your weekly pages and then go through and add any appointments, tasks, deadlines, or important events. The bullet journal functions by keeping track of things you need done, marking them off when complete, or moving them forward/backward or canceling them as needed.


As you get more experienced with the system, you can add more extensive layouts. But don't forget to leave plenty of blank pages in your journal to sketch, doodle, and draw!


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