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DIY Charm Photo Frame

Create a charmed photo frame with our Charm Chest Jewelry Kit!

Kiddos love snapping pics of themselves and they'll really love getting to display them in a charmed photo frame. This DIY uses packaging + charms from our Charm Chest Jewelry Kit to help kids create an awesome, customized frame. Put those cute pics to work!

Charm Chest Jewelry Kit Materials


- KMM Charm Chest Jewelry Kit

- Hot glue gun

- Craft knife or scissors

- Printed photos

- Pencil


DIY Charm Photo Frame Step 1a
DIY Charm Photo Frame Step 1b

1. Trace photo + cut frame -- choose one of the cardboard inner trays from the Chest Jewelry Kit. Lay it flat and trace your photos on the inside of the tray with pencil. Using a craft knife or scissors cut a frame slightly smaller than the size of the photo you traced.

DIY Charm Photo Frame Step 2

2. Decorate frame and charms -- paint front of cardboard frame. Snip the loop of the top of a few charms and paint. If you want to add glitter, do so when the paint is wet so the glitter will stick.

DIY Charm Photo Frame Step 3

3. Attach charms + photos -- when the frame and charms are dry, attach the charms to the front of the frame with a hot glue gun. Use washi tape and tape photos to inside of frame. Display!

DIY Charm Photo Frame Done

* * *

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Charm Chest Jewelry Kit