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DIY Christmas Stockings

Create your own one-of-a-kind stockings to hang above your mantle. 

Turn a basic Christmas stocking into a craftabulous work of art with the help of colorful Kid Made Modern supplies like textile spray paint, felt ornaments, and pom-poms. Santa won’t be able to miss these one-of-a-kind stockings when he comes to your house!

Christmas Stockings Materials


Textile Spray Paint

Decorate an Ornament Kit

Arts & Crafts Library (felt pieces, pom poms)

- White stocking

- Fabric glue or hot glue

- Scissors


Christmas Stockings Step 1
Christmas Stockings Step 1b

1. Use the textile spray paint to decorate a white stocking. Why stop at the traditional red and green when you can make all the color combinations in the rainbow!

Christmas Stockings Step 2

2. Add your name to the stocking by cutting letters from the felt pieces included in the Arts & Crafts Library.

Christmas Stockings Step 3

3. Glue the letters to the stockings with fabric glue or hot glue.

Christmas Stockings Step 4

4. You can further customize your stocking by adding an ornament that you can decorate yourself with these Make an Ornament Kits including a tree, star and snowman.

Christmas Stockings Step 5

5. Once you are done decorating your ornament, just tie it to the top of the stocking.

Christmas Stockings Step 6

6. Add some colorful pom-poms to your stocking for a finishing touch!

Christmas Stockings Done 1

Hang your stockings from the mantel and stuff them with your favorite Kid Made Modern supplies!

Christmas Stockings Done 2

* * *

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