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DIY Dancing Marionette Toy

Design and build a fun DIY Marionette with Kid Made Modern’s new craft supply line available exclusively at Target!

The only thing blue about this dancing marionette is his hue. Crafted with our brand new set of supplies available exclusively at Target, our marionette toy is ready to star in whatever story-line your kiddo can cook up.


- 3 blue Rainbow Fuzzy Sticks 

- 1 black Rainbow Fuzzy Stick

- 2 blue Sparkle Fuzzy Stick

- 1 blue Jumbo Stripe Fuzzy Stick

- 1 blue Neon Fuzzy Stick

- 1 light blue Jumbo Pom Pom

- 2 Googly Eyes

- 8 light blue Pony Beads

- 6 blue Pony Beads

- 2 light blue Sparkle Pom Poms

- 2 light blue Rainbow Pom Poms

- blue Metallic Cording 

- 1 blue Crazy Craft Stick

- 2 plain Crazy Craft Sticks

- scissors

- hot glue gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun)


1.  Make body + neck -- wind blue Jumbo Stripe Fuzzy Stick around 3/4 of a blue Crazy Craft Stick to form main body. Secure with hot glue gun. Wind blue Neon Fuzzy Stick around top 1/4 of the craft stick to create neck and secure with hot glue.

2.  Add arms + legs -- wind blue Rainbow Fuzzy Stick around bottom of craft stick a few times and extend ends out as legs. Secure with hot glue to craft stick. Repeat with other blue fuzzy stick at the top of the craft stick, in between the neck and body. Trim as needed to make similar lengths.

3.  Add head + collar -- hot glue light blue Jumbo Pom Pom to top of craft stick as the head. Shape one blue Sparkle Fuzzy Stick into loops and hot glue on as the marionette's collar -- in between the head and neck.

4.  Create face + crown -- glue two Goggly Eyes onto the face. Glue a light blue Pony Bead on as the nose. Cut small pieces of light blue Fuzzy Sticks and bend into eyebrow shapes. Glue over eyes. Cut small pieces of black Fuzzy Sticks and shape into a mustache. Glue on under the nose. Bend a piece of blue Sparkle Fuzzy Stick into a crown and glue on to top of head.

5.  Add accessories + hands/feet -- glue two light blue Pony Beads as buttons on the body. Slip a blue Pony Bead onto the end of each arm to help form the hands and secure with glue. Slip an alternating pattern of two light blue and two blue Pony Beads onto the end of each leg to help form the feet and secure with glue. Glue light blue sparkle poms onto the arms to form hands. Glue light blue poms to legs as feet.

6.  Create crossbar + strings -- glue two plain Crazy Craft Sticks in a criss-cross pattern. Cut four, 12" pieces of blue Metallic Cording. Tie pieces of cording to four ends of the cross bar and secure on the underside with glue. Secure cording to marionette's hands and feet with glue, adjusting lengths by trimming with scissors as you do so.


Cut one, 5" piece of blue Metallic Cording and secure with glue onto the bottom middle of the cross bar. Tie 5" piece of cording to marionette's crown.


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