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DIY Fairy House

Create your own recycled DIY Fairy House with our Enchanted Craft Kit!

The Kid Made Modern Enchanted Craft Kit is filled with so much magic! See how to use one to create your own fairy house from a recycled container. Then, head outside to make a nature fairy house in your own backyard!

Materials Needed:


-Enchanting Craft Kit

You can use any number of craft kits such as Arts & Crafts Supply Library, Go Wild Craft Kit, or Rainbow Craft Kit for a different look.

-Washable Paint

-Green felt pieces from the Arts and Crafts Library

-Empty, clean oatmeal container with wrapper removed

-Hot glue gun (always have an adult help when using a hot glue gun!)

-Heavy duty paper plate

How To:


Step 1: Paint the outside of your oatmeal container with washable paint. I chose to use pink, but you can paint your house any color you like! Allow to dry completely.

Step 2: Cut your green felt pieces into long, teardrop/leaf shapes. One at a time, glue the wider side of each leaf around the top of your oatmeal container. Then, use hot glue to bring the tops of each leaf together into a point. This will create the roof of your house!

Step 3: Decorate your house! Use the items in your enchanting craft kit to create a door and windows. I used craft sticks to create the door, gluing them one at a time to the house. Next, cut rectangles from the sparkly felt to be the windows. Outline each window with the colorful paper tubes.


Step 4: Add a garden around your house (because fairies LOVE gardens!). Glue pipe cleaners onto the side of the house to create stems. Then, use the different beads, gems, and sequins to create your flowers.

Step 5: Use hot glue to attach the bottom of the oatmeal container to your paper plate, creating a stand for your house. Decorate the plate with pom-poms, stepping stones cut from felt, and gemstones. Your fairy house is now ready for play or display!


Add a little STEAM!


How could you create an outdoor fairy house and garden? Grab a bucket and take a walk around your yard. Collect items from nature that you could use to build a fairy house in your garden. Look for rocks, sticks, leaves, pinecones and more. Ask a grown-up to help you buy some wildflower seeds and plant them around your fairy home.