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DIY Flower Crown

Make your own flower crown with this fun and easy DIY!


- Tape

- Scissors

- Paper clip

- Petal Party Jewelry Kit

- Light Green and Dark Green Hemp Cord

- Flower/ Petal Beads of Choice

- Flower Sequin Beads

- Seed Beads



DIY Flower Crown Step 1

1. Create the Base

Cut 4 pieces of cord, 2 light green and 2 dark green, each about 38” long. Fold the strands in half, creating 4 parallel loops. Tie an overhand knot about ½ in below the loops, making 8 strands all together. Snip off 2 strands, 1 of each color, leaving 6 equal sized strands in total.

DIY Flower Crown Step 2

2. Secure the Base

Tape the loop to a secure and flat surface, such as a table. Separate your strands into 3 groupings of 2. Each grouping is made up of 1 light green and dark green strand. A strand grouping will be on the left, in the center and on the right.

DIY Flower Crown Step 3

3. Braiding

Cross the left strand grouping over the center strand grouping. Take the right strand grouping and cross it over the new center strand grouping. Give the strands a light tug to tighten. Continue to braid for half an inch. Place a clip to the end of the braid so work remains tight.

DIY Flower Crown Step 4

4. Thread the Beads

Thread in the beads before the strand grouping is crossed over to the middle. Choose a flower bead and a flower sequin bead. Using a single strand from the left strand grouping, thread the cord up through the bottom of both flower beads through a seed bead. Thread back down the top of the two flower beads. Push the flower bead against the base of the braid. Remove clip.

DIY Flower Crown Step 5

5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4

Braid spaces in between each of the flower beads. Keep adding flowers and petals to your liking until the braid is long enough to wrap around your head. As you reach the end, braid for 3 in.

DIY Flower Crown Step 6a
DIY Flower Crown Step 6b

6. Secure the Braid

Secure the end of the braid with a double overhand knot. Remove tape from the beginning of the braid and slide the knot through the loop. Make sure the knot is large enough to keep the crown closed. Trim away any excess cord.

* * *

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