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DIY Go Wild Binoculars

Kids can keep their eyes peeled with our DIY Go Wild Binoculars! Learn how to craft custom binoculars perfect for wildlife watching

Have an animal-obsessed kiddo? These DIY Go Wild Binoculars are the perfect activity for kids who are on the lookout for wildlife. Accessorize them as little or as much as you like -- you can't go wrong!


- two cardboard toilet paper tubes or a paper towel tube cut into two equal pieces

- Kid Made Modern Go Wild Craft Kit

- washi or masking tape

- scissors

- hot glue gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun)

- craft needle


1.  Decorate two cardboard tubes -- use the hot glue gun to add whatever craft supplies move you to decorate the cardboard tubes. Try covering them in the wild felt patterns and add some eyes, fuzzy sticks or poms. You can also use washi tape to cover up any bare spots. Whatever you like!

2.  Create neck strap -- cut a length of cord long enough to slip over your head. Thread on poms (using craft needle) and beads from the Craft Kit in any pattern you like.

3.  Secure binocular barrels together -- add a strip of hot glue down the side of one cardboard tube. Press the two tubes together and hold while glue dries.

4.  Attach neck strap -- Create a hole in the side of each cardboard tube with your scissors or craft needle. Thread the ends of cord into the hole and tie inside tube to secure.


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