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DIY Lounging Lion

This DIY lounging lion is the perfect pocket-size toy. Kids will learn how to make their own with Kid Made Modern’s new craft line available exclusively at Target!

This adorable friendly lion just wants to lounge around. We're all in on that! You can make your own with Kid Made Modern's new craft line available exclusively at Target.


- three orange Jumbo Pom Poms

- two orange Mini Sparkle Pom Poms

- two orange Pony Beads

- one pink Pony Bead

- three orange Fuzzy Sticks

- one orange Jumbo Stripe Fuzzy Stick

- one black Fuzzy Stick

- one pink Fuzzy Stick

- hot glue gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun)


1.  Make body -- use the hot glue gun to glue three orange Jumbo Pom Poms together in a row -- one for the head and two for the body.

2.  Add legs, arms, and tail -- glue one orange fuzzy stick in between the head and the middle body poms. Extend out for the lion's arms.

Glue a second orange fuzzy stick on the bottom of the last pom and extend out as legs. Trim arms and legs in proportion to the body (about 3.5" extended on each side from the body) and bend ends into hands and feet so they'll support the lion sitting up.

Glue a third fuzzy stick just above the legs on the last pom. Curl the stick and extend out as the tail.

3.  Make mane -- glue one end of a Jumbo Stripe Fuzzy Stick under the front of the lion's head. Wrap up and around the head, securing in a few spots with hot glue as you go. Continue wrapping around head twice, and secure end under the head with glue.

4.  Add face features -- glue two orange Mini Sparkle Pom Poms as the lion's ears. Cut two small sections of black fuzzy stick and bend into small eye shapes. Glue eyes on face. Create lion's muzzle by gluing two orange Pony Beads below the eyes, leaving room to glue a pink Pony Bead above for the nose. Cut a small piece of pink fuzzy stick and glue under the muzzle to add a tongue for the lion.


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