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DIY Positivity Medals

Celebrate simply being yourself with a fun + silly DIY Positivity Medal made with our Metal Mash-Up Craft Kit!

Every now and then it's nice to receive some encouragement and recognition for nothing in particular. Because just being yourself is reason enough to be celebrated. So give yourself a high five or lend a pat on the back to a buddy with our super fun DIY Positivity Medals. Everyone needs to hear how awesome they are!

Positivity Medals Supplies


- Smarts and Crafts Metal Mash-Up Craft Kit

- pencil + permanent marker

- safety pins

- hot glue gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun)

- 1 1/2" circle hole punch (optional)


Positivity Medals Step 1

1. Design the medal -- pick a metallic sticker sheet and cut or punch out the circle outline of your medal. Then cut additional shapes to join to the circle using the hot glue gun or glitter tape from the kit. Glue your pieces together. You can make the medal any shape you'd like, but we've picked a few classics to highlight below.

Positivity Medals Step 2

2. Add words of encouragement and positivity -- first use the pencil to lightly trace out your words onto the medal. Then go over the words in permanent marker. Be as silly and creative as you want!

Positivity Medals Step 3

3. Finish with some flare -- make your medal stand out! Try adding snippets of wire or cord on to resemble embroidery. Glue paillettes on to the back to highlight the medal. Decorate with fuzzy sticks, glitter tape, poms, or beads. Whatever you'd like!

Positivity Medals Step 4

4. Add a pin -- using the hot glue gun, add a decent-sized blob of glue to the back of your medal and press on a safety pin. Hold until firmly attached.

Positivity Medals Done

Pass them out to family, friends, strangers ... and feel even more awesome yourself!

Positivity Medals Done 1
Positivity Medals Done 2

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Positivity Medals