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DIY Rain Stick

Keep the rainy day blues away with our colorful DIY Rain Stick! 

Our Over the Rainbow Craft Kit can help you brighten up any rainy day! Along with a few household items, you can make one of these super colorful and musical rain sticks. So grab a few things from around your kitchen and get crafting!


- Over the Rainbow Craft Kit

- paint (optional)

- recycled cardboard tubes

- beans and/or rice

- aluminum foil-

hot glue gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun) 



  1. Paint rain stick -- pick a favorite color and paint the entire cardboard tube. Let dry.

  1. Decorate -- use the hot glue gun and decorate the outside of the rain stick however you like.

  1. Close bottom of rain stick -- trace bottom of cardboard tube onto one of the kit's sticker sheets (leave backing on sticker sheet). Cut the circle out and attach to the bottom of the tube with the hot glue gun.


  1. Fill the rain stick -- pour a few scoops of beans and rice into the tube. Ball up a few small pieces of aluminum foil and add to the tube -- it will help make a more realistic rain sound!