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DIY Rocket Wands

Shoot for the stars and craft a DIY Rocket Wand with our Cosmic Craft Kit! 

This DIY is out of this world. Our Cosmic Craft Kit has everything you need to build your own rocket ship wand. Craft your ship and decorate it with your own outer space style. Then decide which cosmonauts you're going to let onboard!


- Cosmic Craft Kit

- hot glue gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun)



  1. Craft body of rocket ship -- pick a color of sticker sheet (leave backing on). Trim a second color of sticker sheet into a triangle to top the rocket. Leave the backing on the triangle and attach to the top of the rocket using the hot glue gun. Cut fins out of another sheet or use some of the kit's pre-cut pieces. Glue fins to the bottom of the rocket ship.

  1. Decorate -- get creative with all of the kit's pieces and decorate your ship however you want. Attach some hardware, accents, and a peeking cosmonaut if you like.

  1. Attach exhaust flames and wand -- snip some of the kit's cord or fuzzy sticks and glue to the back bottom of the rocket ship to serve as exhaust flames. Then glue one end of the wooden craft stick to the bottom to make a wand.


Blast off!