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DIY Sparkle Bubble Wands

Craft a magical Sparkle Bubble Wand using our Sparkle Stash Kit!

No kiddo can resist the magic of blowing bubbles and our Sparkle Bubble Wands only make for more fun. These glittery wands are easy for kids of all ages to make and would be a great activity for a birthday party, a playgroup, or just a day of family arting!

sparkle bubble wand supplies


- our Sparkle Stash Craft Kit

- bubble solution


sparkle bubble wand diy 1a
sparkle bubble wand diy 1b

1. Make the bubble wand face: pick two fuzzy sticks and join them by twisting two ends together. If you'd like to add extra sparkle at this stage, you can thread beads on to the fuzzy sticks. Just make sure you unbend the end of the fuzzy stick so the beads go on smoothly. Form the sticks into a shape—try a classic loop or a fun shape such as heart. As long as you join the ends to form a continuous shape, it should work just fine.

sparkle bubble wand diy 2

2. Make the bubble wand handle: pick a third fuzzy stick and join it to the bubble wand face by twisting it on to the bottom. Straighten out the handle and thread as many beads on as you can—they make the handle sturdy enough to hold up the wand. When you're added all your beads, fold over and twist the end of the fuzzy stick so the beads stay on.

sparkle bubble wand diy 3

3. Blow some bubbles! dip your bubble wand into a bowl of bubble solution and let it soak for a few seconds. When you pick it up and bubble solution is stretched across the wand face, you're ready to make bubbles!

sparkle bubble wand diy 3b
sparkle bubble wand diy done

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