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DIY Spinning Paper Ornaments

Mix and match your favorite colors and patterns to make these spinning paper ornaments.

In collaboration with Handmade Charlotte.

Inspired by retro Christmas decorations, these handmade spinners are sure to catch the attention of guests at your holiday party this year. Hang your spinning paper ornaments in front of a window, or even put them on your Christmas tree for a playful and festive look.

What You Need:

Paper ornament supplies



Paper ornaments step 1

1. Start by taking a sheet of patterned paper and folding the edge over about 2”.

Paper ornaments step 1A

A) You can mix and match patterned paper and also use watercolors to make your own custom patterned paper! Let dry completely before folding.


Paper ornaments step 2

2. Put a pom pom on the fold and draw a geometric shape around it – we did a triangle here.


Paper ornaments step 3

3. Cut out the shape and then trace a half circle slightly bigger than the pom pom onto the fold.


Paper ornaments step 4

4. Cut out the half circle and then trace this shape 7 times onto paper. You can do this on the same sheet or mix and match with other papers.


Paper ornaments step 5

5. Apply a thin layer of glue onto one half of the folded paper shape and attach another one on top, lining up the edges. Repeat this until all 8 pieces are attached in a stack.


Paper ornaments step 6

6. Pierce a pom pom onto the skewer and slide it down.


Paper ornaments step 7

7. Open up the attached folded papers and place around the pom pom. Apple glue onto the one folded side and attach the other side so that the paper now surrounds the pom pom.


Paper ornaments step 8

8. It should look like this – open up the paper folds and distribute evenly around the pom. Repeat these steps to add more poms and papers onto each skewer until it’s full.


Paper ornaments step 9

9. Twist a pipe cleaner into a loop and glue to the end of the skewer. Hang from this loop, or tie on a piece of string to hang.


* * *



* * *

Create your own spinning paper ornaments using our Print Party Paper Pad, Artist Pad, Neon Watercolor Set, and Pom Pom Palooza!