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DIY Tasseled Bookmarks

Learn how to craft an easy + fun DIY Tasseled Bookmark using our Bright Bundle Kit! 

There is nothing worse for a voracious reader than to lose her spot in a book! Fortunately for you, it is super easy to make a fun bookmark with Kid Made Modern's Bright Bundle Kit. This is a great craft for kiddos aged 6 and up—little ones might need a bit of adult help making the tassel, but can decorate all on their own. Get inspired by whatever you're reading and get to crafting! 


You will need ...

- Smarts + Crafts Bright Bundle Kit 

- a hole punch 

- ruler (or cut thin cardboard into a strip)

- scissors 

- glue 


1. Punch sticker sheet: pick one of the neon sticker sheets (which happen to be the perfect bookmark size!) and punch a hole in one end.

2. Make tassel: wrap nylon cord around ruler 10 - 12 times. You want the wrap to be loose enough that you can slide a second piece of nylon cord through it. Cut the wrapped nylon end.

Cut a second piece of nylon cord about 10 inches in length. Slide one end under and through the wrapped pieces and double tie a knot. Slip the whole bundle off of the ruler. 

Use the scissors to cut through the looped ends of the nylon bundle to make your tassel. If you like a wild tassel, you can move on to step 3 now. 

If you'd like your tassel a little more on the tame side, cut another piece of nylon thread about 6" in length. Tie it tightly around the top of the tassel and trim the ends.

3. Add bead + tie onto bookmark: pick a bead from the kit and slide onto both strands of your nylon thread. Tie your completed tassel through the hole on the sticker paper and trim the ends—just make sure to make the knot large enough that it won't slide back though the hole.

4. Decorate as you wish: the options for decorating are endless! We glued sequins on one bookmark, made a cute little monster face using the googly eyes and cut duct tape on another, and striped the third with rainbow duct tape. 

5. Try additional creative options! Those neon poms in the kit are another perfect option for bookmark making. Using a needle, thread a pom onto a piece of nylon cord. Tie the nylon cord onto your sticker sheet and decorate as above. Not into tassels or poms? Bead several strands of nylon cord and tie those onto a sticker sheet to make a bookmark. Flex that reading brain and see where your imagination takes you! 

* * * 

Shop our Smarts and Crafts Bright Bundle Kit now to make your own tasseled bookmarks!

* * *