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DIY Teacher Appreciation Card

It's that time again. Thank those teachers who've made this year great, with this fun DIY Thank You card!

The end of the school year is fast approaching and this DIY card has you covered! Students can get creative with decorating while also filling in the blanks to show a glimpse of what they've learned during the year. It's a great addition to any teacher gift but expresses appreciation all on its own. Grab our free printable below and make it yours!


- KMM coloring supplies such as crayons, colored pencils, and markers.

- white cardstock

- printer

- our free printable card (just CLICK HERE to download!)


1. Print card -- the free download includes a front design and an interior design of the card. Print double-sided onto the same piece of white cardstock or you can print the interior design on a lighter weight piece of paper and glue to the inside of your card.

2. Decorate -- grab whatever art supplies strike your fancy and decorate the front of the card. Try fun color combos and patterns!

3. Fill in the blanks -- address the card to your teacher and fill in the blanks!

When you're all done, fold the card in half and crease well. If you're looking to step things up a notch, try making a custom enclosure for your card by snugly folding a piece of KMM patterned paper around your card. Secure it with a piece of tape and write the teacher's name on the front.


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