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DIY Thank You Cards

Show appreciation with our sparkly DIY Thank You Cards!

Hand making thank you cards is an awesome way to show appreciation to someone special. And this DIY using our Metallic Watercolor Set will help add sparkle to anyone's day. Grab some stickers to help customize your card and get to thanking!

DIY Thank You Cards Materials


KMM Metallic Watercolor Set

- KMM Watercolor Paper -- you can use the Jumbo Tablet or the smaller tablet that comes with our other watercolor sets

Pipsticks stickers + awesome holographic envelope (save it from your monthly kit!)

washi tape

- black permanent marker


1. Cut watercolor paper into 10 X 7" piece -- you want the card to end up a 5 X 7" when folded, so cut your watercolor paper down to a 10 X 7" piece to start.

DIY Thank You Cards Step 2

2. Paint design on smooth side of paper -- we're a fan of stripes, so we painted the entire card a multi-color striped design, but paint whatever you'd like!

DIY Thank You Cards Step 3

3. Hand letter a thank you message -- once the paint has dried, fold it in half to create a 5 X 7" card. Then use the permanent marker to hand letter a message on the front. Try out some different fun fonts or stick with your regular script/print. To make your writing look a little more professional, try thickening all the downstrokes of your letters.

DIY Thank You Cards Step 4

4. Write message inside -- break out your stickers and decorate a border on the inside of your card. Then write your message. You can try a fun combination by using stickers to stand in as words in your message.

DIY Thank You Cards Step 5

5. Seal in envelope -- if you're a lucky monthly subscriber to Pipsticks, nab that awesome holographic envelope to repurpose. Your 5 X 7" card will fit perfectly! Insert the card and close the top. Then fold the top seal over to the back of the envelope and add an extra seal of washi tape.

DIY Thank You Cards Done

* * *

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