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DIY Weather Mobile

Whip up a DIY Weather Mobile with our new craft line available exclusively at Target!

Rain or shine, our DIY Weather Mobile has you covered! Learn how to craft this super cute mobile using Kid Made Modern’s new craft line available exclusively at Target. Check out our exclusive new collection and find everything you need to whip up this super fun weather mobile!


- Washable Rainbow Paint Sticks

- Rainbow Pom Poms

- Sparkle Pom Poms

- Colorful Cording

- Rainbow Fuzzy Sticks

- Clothespins

- Heavy Cardstock

- Recycled Cardboard or Craft Foam

- Scissors

- Craft Needle

- Hot Glue Gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun


1.  Paint clouds, raindrops, and clothes pins -- cut two cloud shapes out of heavy cardstock (roughly 7" wide by 3.25" tall at the widest points). Paint both sides of these shapes using our Washable Rainbow Paint Stick in Onyx. Paint five clothespins to match the clouds. Cut five raindrop shapes (about 1" wide and 1.25" tall at the widest points) and paint them with our Raindrop Paint Stick.

2. Make rainbow center -- cut two, 3" circles out of heavy cardstock. Cut a 3" circle of craft foam or cardboard. Cut a small star shape into the center of each craft circle. Cut a small hole in the middle of the foam/cardboard. You'll be inserting a Fuzzy Stick down through all three pieces in Step 4. Glue the cardstock pieces on either side of the foam/cardboard, creating a sandwich shape. Starting from the center and leaving open the star-shaped cut, hot glue Fuzzy Sticks in a rainbow pattern out to the edge. Add another to the side to cover up foam/cardboard.

3.  Thread and attach raindrops -- cut 5 pieces of blue solid cording, about 10" in length each. Using a needle, thread three pom poms onto each piece of cording in different shades of blue and white. Tie each piece of cording onto the open end of a clothes pin. Use hot glue gun to attach painted rain drop on to the bottom end of the cord. Space the poms out evenly along the cord. Repeat for each piece of cording, completing 5 in total. Clip each clothes pin around the rainbow center, evenly spaced.

4.  Create and add hanger -- pick a purple Fuzzy Stick and insert it down through the rainbow center. Create a loop at the top end of the Fuzzy Stick to create a hanger.

5.  Add thunderbolt -- cut a piece of blue solid cording, about 4" in length. Tie it to the piece of Fuzzy Hanger on the bottom side of the rainbow center and fold the Fuzzy Stick up and flush with cardstock. Make a thunderbolt shape out of a gold Fuzzy Stick and tie on to the bottom of the blue cording. 

6.  Add clouds -- cut a slit from the bottom center of one cloud, up to the middle of the cloud. Cut a slit from the top center of the other cloud, down to the middle of the cloud. Slide the two clouds together, creating a criss-cross of clouds. Add a strip of hot glue to one corner of the intersecting clouds and glue on to the middle Fuzzy Stick, leaving a little bit of room between the clouds and rainbow center.


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