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Duct Tape Garland DIY

Add some bold + bright color to any occasion with our Duct Tape Garland DIY.

Our bold + bright Duct Tape Kit Sets scream life of the party and we're showing you how to make it happen with this easy garland DIY. Kids can mix and match our colorful patterns to create a garland fit for any occasion (or just to decorate their room!). Check out the steps below and get to making!

Duct Tape Garland Materials


- Duct Tape Kit

- scissors

- twine or string


1. Create garland base -- cut envelope open so that it lays flat. Stretch a piece of duct tape across the envelope, pressing it down as you go. Trim the envelope to tape's edge.

Duct Tape Garland 1 a
Duct Tape Garland 1 b

2. Cut garland pieces -- cut garland pieces out of the taped envelope piece. You can get as creative with various garland shapes as you'd like—we stuck with classic flag and triangle patterns for our two garlands here.

Duct Tape Garland 2

3. Tape onto twine -- once you have all the garland pieces cut out, tape each piece onto the twine using small pieces of duct tape. Try to keep the spacing between spaces roughly even, but don't worry about getting it perfect.

Duct Tape Garland 3

4. Party!

Duct Tape Garland 4

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