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Easter Fuzzy Stick Bunny DIY

These Bunnies are ADORABLE, and you can make them yourself with the help of our Arts and Crafts Supply Library!

Easter bunnies are even cuter when they come in rainbow colors. Make these colorful bunnies with the fuzzy sticks and pom-poms from our Arts and Crafts Library. You can even make giant versions with our extra large fuzzy sticks. Just twist the fuzzy sticks into loops and add a pom-pom tail. String several bunnies together to make a fun Easter garland.


-Arts and Crafts Library (fuzzy sticks, pom-poms, embroidery floss, scissors, glue)


1. Take a fuzzy stick from the Arts & Crafts Library and bend it into a circle, twisting the ends together at the top

2.  Take a second fuzzy stick and bend it into a slightly smaller circle, twisting the ends together and then twisting them around the other circle. Trim the ends as needed.

3.  Create bunny ears by cutting a fuzzy stick into half and then bending each half into an oval shape. Twist the ends together and wrap around the top circle.

4. Add a pom-pom tail with glue.

5.  To create giant Easter bunnies, bend two large fuzzy sticks into circles, twisting the ends together. Attach the two circles together with hot glue. Use regular fuzzy sticks for the ears and a large pom-pom for the tail.

6.  You can use the embroidery floss from the Arts & Crafts Library to string the bunnies into a garland to hang on a wall!


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Post written by Haeley Giambalvo of Design Improvised, a website focused on easy DIY projects that make a big impact. Haeley loves transforming simple materials like pom-poms and pipe cleaners into cool kids projects or festive holiday crafts. Her colorful projects are perfect for the busy mom who wants to spend 30 minutes crafting by herself or getting creative with her kids. Haeley lives in San Antonio, TX along with her husband and two daughters Stella, 9, and Hazel, 7.