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Easy Ways to Clean Up Craft Kits

Tips and tricks to help kids clean up craft supplies.

We are huge fans of creativity and exploration when it comes to art. The craft kits are one of our favorite ways to think outside of the box and create things that showcase our imagination! Plus everything has a place where it should go when cleaning up.

I created a checklist to help guide kids to clean up the craft kids so they can do it independently! I started by laminating the checklist. Then added Velcro to the back and attached to the lid of the craft kit. This way it is always near the kits, supporting their independence.

Download the Craft Cleanup Checklist here!

To teach children how to clean up the craft kits, these are some tricks I found!

Craft Kit Cleanup 1

Designate Area For Each Item

When you open your craft kit, some items are in bags. Start by opening the bags and decide on a place to store them. We combined some of the beads because that’s what my kids wanted to do!

Lift Up And Out

I had to teach my kids to lift the trays out of the craft kits by lifting the tray up and then setting it down. The first attempt was rather rocky and lots of things fell to the floor because they were so excited to get started creating! Take a few seconds to teach them to lift the lid up then out.

When cleaning up the lids, make sure you show them how to lift up and place in! Similar to taking the tray out but it will help keep the items contained.

Craft Kit Cleanup 2

Closing The Glue

The glue in some of the craft kits is a twist top. Teach your kiddos how to open and close by twisting the top.

Needles And Threads

Some kits come with needles and thread. Teach the kids how to store the needles in the container by keeping the needle head (the sharp side) tucked under the felt!! Such a great idea to keep everyone safe while crafting!

Craft Kit Cleanup 4

Locking The Kits

Finally, show how to securely lock the kits closed. Then, when they carry it around, nothing will fall out!

Now you’re ready to go get crafting!!

Craft Kit Cleanup 5

* * *

Jessica is the founder of The Organized Mama; a professional organizing service and blog that inspires organizing a handmade home!  With a background in teaching, Jessica loves showing families how to live an organized life! She is also a wife to an amazing husband, mother to two kiddos & a fur-baby, crafter, exclamation-mark enthusiast, and lover of creativity. You can find her on all social media channels @organizedmamas and at