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Fall Leaf Making

Make Fall even more colorful with oil pastels.

We love Cinta & Co.’s beautiful leaf project ideas on their Instagram page.


Simple, beautiful, seasonal. All you need to do is collect some leaves (any color or shape will do), grab your oil pastels, and start decorating.

Young artists will love sprucing up their leaves with pastels because you can swoosh the color around with your fingers.

They may love using paints or gel pens instead:


Whatever you have at home works. The finished product makes a beautiful tabletop centerpiece, or a great seasonal decoration for your mantle, or bathroom mirror. You could even paint a ton, and fashion them into a fall wreath for your front door!

When it comes to which leaves, we like to mix it up. If you collect a few leaves of different shapes, you can use the tree identifier from the Arbor Day Foundation to identify the types of trees they came from.