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Faux Tie-Dye DIY

Add a splash of color to your t-shirt with our super easy Faux Tie-Dye!

Now we love a good creative mess, but sometimes it's nice to create without also creating hours of cleanup. Our Textile Spray Paint makes the perfect faux tie-dye without accidentally dying everything else in sight.  So grab a plain white t-shirt (or those fave clothes you've stained but don't want to get rid of -- this works to camouflage them) and get to spraying!


- Light-colored clothing (our Go Make Stuff Coloring Page T-shirt works perfectly!)

Kid Made Modern Textile Spray Paint


Faux Tie Dye Step 1

1. Set up workspace + launder clothing item -- this is a project best done outside if possible. The spray paint is permanent so protect your workspace with a drop cloth or a large piece of paper. Make sure to pre-wash and dry the clothing item first, but don't use any fabric softener.

Faux Tie Dye Step 2

2. Fold first section of shirt -- you can try any number of tie dye folds, but we suggest a simple accordion fold to get started—it's pretty foolproof and you don't need any rubber bands either! Use your fingers to fold one section of the shirt into horizontal accordion folds. Crimp and fold the entire vertical length of the shirt.

Faux Tie Dye Step 3a
Faux Tie Dye Step 3b

3. Spray first color -- pick a textile spray color and spray it a few inches above the material, covering all the area you folded. Wait a few minutes and then open shirt flat again. If you'd like to fill in with additional color, make a fold in just that one section and spray again.

Faux Tie Dye Step 4

4. Repeat folding and spraying -- fold the next section of your shirt, overlapping it a bit with the first so the colors blend and look more tie-dye like. Repeat with additional sections until you've covered your complete shirt. Fold flat and, if you like, go back over entire shirt with some of the gold spray to give it an overall sparkle and shine!

Faux Tie Dye Step 5a
Faux Tie Dye Step 5b

5. Let air dry + then set in dryer -- lay the shirt flat to air dry and, once dry, set the color by running it through one cycle of your dryer (by itself!). Wear and wash as normal after!

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