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Gingerbread Modern House

Transform our Modern House Kit into a festive gingerbread house!

Kid Made Modern’s “Modern House Kit” is an amazing toy for kids! As a child, I loved interior design and went to school for architectural history and I can only imagine my childhood if I had a toy like this at that time! (I was honestly drawn back to my architecture studio classes as I unpacked this kit.) So if you have a child in your life who has shown a passion for interiors/ architecture, they will honestly love this kit.

What I especially like about this kit is that even though it’s a kit for a modern house, you don’t have to decorate just as it is on the box. You can transform the house into literally any theme. Here, I’ve transformed into in a gingerbread house.

I think it’s especially fun to dream up who will live here and then decorate to be reflective of the inhabitants and their needs (like a real interior designer would!)

Gingerbread Modern House Step 1
Gingerbread House Step 2
Gingerbread House Step 3

To make this gingerbread house, follow the instructions inside the kit to assemble the house and furniture. Then, you will disassemble it and glue on scrapbook papers that feel like they might fit in a gingerbread house. The kit also included sticker paper that is great to use.

Once you’ve done this, assemble the house back together and now the real fun starts! Decorating this gingerbread house!

Gingerbread House Done 1

I used white computer paper to make icing dripping all along the edge of the roof.

Gingerbread House Done 2

On the rooftop, I used pompoms and white pipe cleaners to resemble gumdrops and icing.

I also added pompoms all along the cobblestone courtyard, around the perimeter of the house to again look like candies.

Lots of fun candy details can be made with felt, pipe cleaners and pompoms. Here, I’ve made mini plum puddings, candy canes, lollies and licorice to decorate the courtyard.

I also made two wrapped toffees, one which is used for Gingy’s pillow. To make these, simply wrap a pompom in a piece of clear cellophone and tie the ends with a twist tie.

This gingerbread house is essentially like a dollhouse and kids will easily spend hours just adding little details to the rooms and creating stories with the “dollhouse” characters. Here’s a glimpse at how our character spends time here.

Gingerbread House Done 4

Gingy loves to entertain guests and welcomes them on the sugar trail at the front of the house, which is lined with candy canes, lollies, plum puddings and gumdrops. Gingy loves Christmas and has put up a festive garland right above the sugar trail for an extra special welcome and a wreath on their house too.

Gingerbread Modern House Done 5

Gingy only eats fancy French pastries.  A plate of pastries always graces Gingy’s dining room table.

Gingerbread Modern House Done 6

Gingy loves admiring their candy corn Christmas tree. Gingy has decorated it beautifully and placed gifts all around in happy anticipation for Christmas day.

Gingerbread Modern House Done 7

Sometimes Gingy is a little bit naughty and likes to jump on their bed!

Gingerbread Modern House Done 8

Gingy loves to dress up and can spend hours in front of the closet mirror, admiring the fairest cookie of them all.

Gingerbread Modern House Done 9

Winter is Gingy’s favorite season of the year! Gingy converted their outdoor pool to an ice skating rink and spends a good part of every afternoon ice skating. 

* * *

Manal Aman is a founder of the blog Hello Holy Days where she shares fun DIY and craft ideas for Ramadan, Eid and Hajj. She loves homemade parties and borrowing books from the library. On a Sunday afternoon, Manal can probably be found taking long walks in the woods, listening to Oprah’s podcast and snacking on French patisserie (hello macrons!).

* * *

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