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Give That Dog A Bone DIY

Learn how to craft this super cute pup! Kid Made Modern’s new craft line available exclusively at Target has everything kids need to make their own doggy craft.

This furry friend is much less work than a real pup! Plus, he is super fun to make. Kid Made Modern's new craft line, available exclusively at Target, has all the goods to bring this cute guy to life.


- 2 yellow Jumbo Pom Poms

- 4 yellow Fuzzy Sticks

- 1 red Fuzzy Stick

- 1 small clothes pin

- 1 Metallic Pony Bead

- 2 black Pony Beads

- yellow Washable Rainbow Paint Stick

- yellow Craft Stick

- a small piece of white cardstock

- hot glue gun (REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun)


1.  Make body -- use the hot glue gun to glue two yellow pom poms onto a yellow Craft Stick and trim craft stick to same size length.

Glue a yellow Fuzzy Stick to the underside of the craft stick. Loop one end up and glue to top of craft stick to create the tail. Twist other end of the fuzzy stick into a small loop and glue on to the open end of a the cloths pin. Paint outside of clothes pin with yellow Washable Rainbow Paint Stick.

2.  Add legs -- cut two yellow Fuzzy Sticks into four, 4" pieces. Glue two pieces onto the Jumbo pom as the front legs and two onto the smaller pom as the back legs. Repeat with the other two fuzzy stick pieces and then twist together to make wider legs.

3.  Add collar -- cut a small piece of red Fuzzy Stick and slide a Metallic Pony Bead onto it. Loop it around neck and twist to secure.

4.  Add ears + eyes -- cut a 6" piece of yellow Fuzzy Stick and loop it into an oval shape. Slide it onto the open end of the clothes pin and secure with glue. Glue black Pony Beads onto either side of clothes pin for the eyes.

5.  Give that dog a bone -- cut a small bone shape out of the white cardstock and clip it into the closed end of the clothes pin.


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