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Gratitude Letter Coloring Sheet

Send a Thank You Note to Our Heroes!

When you're unable to leave your home, it's easy to feel helpless in this fight against COVID-19. And it can be even harder to explain to young children how they can be of service to all of those that are risking their lives to serve all of us.

One small way for kids to help is to simply express their gratitude to those on the front lines, from grocery store workers and delivery drivers to healthcare workers and first responders, a small note of thanks can go a long way. We created a free printable template for you to download and print. Your kids can fill them out and mail them to local hospitals, grocery stores and restaurants to say thank you. We hope this helps your little ones feel more connected to their community.

Download the free printable Here! Share a pic of your little one with the finished product on Instagram (use hashtag #gomakestuff) and we may feature it on our Instagram page!

You can also share your gratitude to all online. Screenshot our template below to share via your Instagram Stories. Tag us @kidmademodern and we'll spread the love via our channels, too.