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Halloween Tattooed Pumpkins

Use tattoos to make low-mess and festive Halloween pumpkins.

Tattoos don’t have to be just for skin! Use tattoos to make impressive looking pumpkins for Halloween! Tattooed pumpkins are a lot less messy than traditionally carved pumpkins (albeit still rather wet) and the craft can be put together fairly quickly. The best part of using tattoos for decorating pumpkins is that it’s a great way to get creative with patterns! You can position your tattoos however you like to create cool, intricate, patterns on your pumpkins that look almost hand painted. These pumpkins are guaranteed to get your whole neighborhood asking you how you made them!

Halloween Tattooed Pumpkins Materials


- Spooky Tattly Tattoos, 3 packs

- Bowl of water

- White foam pumpkins (funkins)

- Scissors


Halloween Tattooed Pumpkins Step 1

1. Start by opening the tattoo packets and using scissors to cut up the tattoos into individual tattoos.

Halloween Tattooed Pumpkins Step 2

2. Begin creating patterns with the tattoos onto the pumpkins with the sponge included in the package and some water. If you’d like to visualize what your pattern might look like, I used double sided tape to first place all my tattoos where I wanted them. Then, I transferred the tattoos with water.

Halloween Tattooed Pumpkins Step 3

3. Your pumpkins are ready to display! If you’d like to preserve the tattoos on your pumpkins to last for next year without peeling off, try brushing the pumpkins with a decoupage medium, like Mod Podge. 

Tip: If you make a mistake and place a tattoo in a place where you didn’t want it, you can use nail polish remover and a cotton pad to remove the tattoo and reposition another tattoo on that spot.

Halloween Tattooed Pumpkins Done 1
Halloween Tattooed Pumpkins Done 2

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Manal Aman is a founder of the blog Hello Holy Days where she shares fun DIY and craft ideas for Ramadan, Eid and Hajj. She loves homemade parties and borrowing books from the library. On a Sunday afternoon, Manal can probably be found taking long walks in the woods, listening to Oprah’s podcast and snacking on French patisserie (hello macrons!)

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