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Hanging Beaded Mobile DIY

Craft a modern + shiny Hanging Beaded Mobile using our Metal Mash-Up Kit!

Most parents would do just about anything to help their kiddos (and, in turn, themselves!) get a good night's rest. Hanging mobiles give littles something to focus on while they drift off to sleep. And these pretty beaded mobiles kick it up a notch by doing so in style.

To get weaving, you'll need ...

- our Smarts and Crafts Metal Mash-Up Craft Kit

- scissors

that's it!

hanging beaded mobile diy materials


1. Make the hoop: pick three fuzzy sticks and wind the ends together, forming into a circle as you go. You can pick whatever combination of colors you wish, we just happened to like a monochromatic look.

hanging mobile diy 1

2. Weave onto the frame: pick one color of cord and cut a piece around 10" in length. Tie one end in a double knot onto the frame and trim the end. Then stretch it across the frame, loop it around the frame a few times, and then continue stretching it across in whatever pattern you like. Make sure to loop the cord around the frame a few times each time you connect with it. Don't worry about matching a particular pattern—the more random, the better this looks! You want to pull the cord taut enough that it's not lagging, but not too tight that it stretches the frame out of shape. When you get to the end of the cord, double tie a knot and trim the end. Repeat with additional pieces and colors of cord until you get a weaving that you like.

hanging mobile diy 2a
hanging mobile diy 2b
hanging mobile diy 2c

3. Make the hanger: pick two fuzzy sticks of the same color. Loop each on to the frame, directly across from each other. Slide a few beads on to each one. Then twist together over the top of the frame. Cut one piece of cord and loop it through the twisted fuzzy sticks. Slide a few more beads onto the piece of cord and tie at the top to complete your hanger.

hanging mobile diy 3a
hanging mobile diy 3b

4. Add beaded tassels: this step is easier to do with the mobile hanging up. Cut several lengths of cord into about 10" pieces. Tie each cord at roughly equidistant points around the frame, hanging from the bottom. Pick a few metallic beads and thread onto the bottom of each tassel. Choose a bead with a small diameter threading hole as the bead closest to the bottom—that way you don't have to tie a large knot to hold the beads on. After you've added as many beads as you like, tie a few knots and trim the end.

hanging mobile diy 4
hanging mobile diy 4b

Keep the creativity going and try a variation on our basic mobile. You can use the metallic craft wire to create a more intricate pattern inside of the hoop. Try covering the pipe cleaner hoop by winding metallic cord around it. Hang poms, paillettes, or shapes cut from the metallic sticker boards instead of beads. Sweet dreams!

hanging mobile diy final

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