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Haunted Halloween Dollhouse

Kids of all ages will have a blast making this DIY Haunted Halloween Dollhouse with our Modern House Kit.

This Haunted Dollhouse DIY is a creative Halloween activity for kids of all ages. The best part is that almost everything you need comes in our Modern House Kit, but you can also add some personal touches to your house like using paper from our Print Palooza to make wallpaper and flooring. Then decorate with furniture, accessories, and people using supplies from our Arts & Crafts Supply Library to make the house extra super spooky. When you are finished, this DIY Haunted House makes a great Halloween decoration or a fun toy for kids to play with. See the full how-to and video over at Handmade Charlotte.

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Haunted Halloween Dollhouse Supplies
Haunted Halloween Dollhouse Step 1
Haunted Halloween Dollhouse Step 4
Haunted Halloween Dollhouse Done 1
Haunted Halloween Dollhouse Done 2

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