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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 2019: Gifts for Kids Ages 8 and Up

Discover gifts for kids that let their creativity shine!

Allow your children to explore their creative side with these Kid Made Modern arts and craft kits. These five kits are recommended gifts for older children as they empower them to use their imagination and freely create.

With over 850 components, Jewelry Jam Craft Kit comes with rings, thread, baubles, and beads to create bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry for you and your friends. Comes in a stackable storage case to organize all your supplies.

Our best-selling craft kit, Arts and Crafts Supply Library comes with 1,000+ pieces to create your own craft adventure. It comes in reusable box to store your supplies. With beads, fuzzy sticks, and felt pieces galore, the only thing you’ll need to add is your imagination.

Foster creativity and imagination with the Journal Craft Kit. Kids can customize the journal with markers, decorative tape, and stickers. Once decorated, use the journal to jot down notes or draw and doodle with the leftover supplies. 

Pow! Zoom! Wack! Let your inner superhero come to life with the Comic Book Kit. Each kit comes with markers, rubber stamps, stencils, and a comic book template that empowers kids to share their own stories.


Create mystical and magical jewelry with the Mystic Jewelry Kit. This kit features over 300 holographic charms, beads, and baubles that will delight any budding jewelry designer.