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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 2019: Gifts for Toddlers 3 and Up

Discover great gifts that encourage your tiny tot to create.

Engagement in art is proven to be beneficial for childhood development. Encourage toddlers to use their imagination and create with these gifts from Kid Made Modern. These products should be used with parental supervision.

Develop fine motor skills with My First Jewelry Kit. Bead lacing can help with visual skills and hand eye coordination. Use the wooden beads in this kit to teach little ones improve their recall of numbers, colors, and shapes. Plus, share fun necklace and bracelet designs with family and friends.

Let your little artist paint on a blank unicorn canvas! Paint Your Own Wooden Unicorn Kit comes with brushes and paints to decorate a one-of-a-kind unicorn. Paints include a glitter varnish to add a little magic to your creation.


Kid Made Modern crayons come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These Rock Crayons (Set of 12) round shape make it easier for toddlers to hold and grasp. Rock Crayons come in two-tones and blend into an array of tones as you color! Also comes in a set of 3

Another set of crayons with a fun design, Gem Jackpot Crayons come in a variety of gem shapes for little hands to easily grasp, even if your child hasn’t mastered the proper technique for holding a standard crayon. Each crayon comes in a unique vibrant color. Comes in a set of 12.


We all scream for ice cream! Paint Your Own Ice Cream Truck with a variety of paints and stickers. With fully functional wheels and doors, you can use your decorated ice cream truck in imaginative play.