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Last-Minute Halloween Masks

Not to worry if you haven’t chosen a Halloween Costume yet, this super simple last-minute Halloween Mask DIY has you covered!

Create a unique Halloween costume that stands out in no time with this easy Halloween Mask DIY. All you will need to craft a custom mask is our Make A Mask Kit and a few other supplies! Whether your costume is inspired by the forest, the ocean, or the galaxy, we’ve got you covered. Once you are finished the masks can be worn on their own, paired with matching colored clothes that your kid already has, or if you have a little bit more time, you can even decorate a plain T-shirt to match! See the full how-to over at Handmade Charlotte.

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 Last-Minute Halloween Masks Supplies
Last-Minute Halloween Masks Step 1
Last-Minute Halloween Masks Step 3
Last-Minute Halloween Masks Done 1
Last-Minute Halloween Masks Done 2

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Make a Mask Kit