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Make Your Own Coral Reef Sculpture

Dive deep into crafting with this Coral Reef Sculpture tutorial. Learn how to design and sculpt your own with our Aquatic Craft Kit!

This bright and sparkly Coral Reef Sculpture will have you feeling tropical in no time. And Kid Made Modern's Aquatic Craft Kit is full of enough goodies to craft your own. So grab a piece of recycled cardboard and your imagination and dive in!



- KMM Aquatic Craft Kit

- KMM Washable Paint Stick in blue or other blue paint or marker

- scissors

- recycled piece of cardboard

- hot glue gun ((REMINDER: exercise precaution and supervise kids when using a hot glue gun))

- craft sticks (optional)


1.  Create reef base -- draw or trace a circle onto a recycled piece of cardboard (a salad plate is perfect to trace). Cut out the circle and color or paint the top blue. Use the hot glue gun to attach a string of sequins around the edge.

2.  Add bottom level of reef -- use hot glue gun to add shell beads, sequins, pom poms, and aqua beads to form the bottom level of the reef.

3.  Craft reef creatures -- put your imagination to work and craft any reef creatures that come to mind! We made a jellyfish, sea anemones, coral, a few little fish, seaweed, and sea fans.

4.  Add second level of reef -- glue any of your sea creatures that would be attached to the coral reef. And go back in to fill in the base level with additional beads and sequins as you like.

5.  Add sea creatures -- hot glue your sea creatures onto the sculpture. We added the smaller fish onto the sea anemones and then used a blue craft stick to glue the jellyfish into a swimming position.


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