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Make Your Own Ice Cream Cone Art with Tiny Fawn Prints

Craft a Yummy Ice Cream Cone out of Shapes and Tissue Paper!

Summer is coming, which means warm weather and ice cream! Darrah Gooden, cut paper artist of Tiny Fawn Prints, and her daughter, join us today on IGTV to show how to create yummy ice cream cone art out of tissue paper pieces and shapes. They’ll teach us all about different shapes and how to use them to create art. 

Head to our Instagram to watch an interactive video of how to create this DIY. Share your creations on Instagram and tag #gomakestuff. And make sure to keep checking our feed because we’re sharing easy-to-follow art projects, special guests, and more.


Ice Cream Printable (download it HERE

White construction paper

Tissue paper in different colors

Paint brush


Glue (any kind of liquid glue works)