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This Finnish design company is known for its bold prints, bright colors, and simple style.

Bright, bold, and basic Marimekko prints have been a mainstay since the Finnish textile company was first founded in 1951. It’s colorful; it’s playful; it’s that lingering feeling you’d get after visiting your favorite Aunt’s house on a spring holiday. Marimekko is 20th-century-Scandinavian at its core. The comfortable, no-frill patterns feature items from nature and an abundance of rounded edges. Jackie Kennedy, an emblem of mid-century style, bought six Marimekko dresses for the campaign trail and donned a pink one on the cover of Sports Illustrated.



Here are a handful of our favorite Marimekko prints:

Some prints are floral...

...while others just feature shapes.

Some are highly detailed...

...and others are more simple and bold.


* * * * *

Why not try making a Marimekko-inspired print? Our Printmaking Kit has everything you need.


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