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Metal Mash-Up Halloween Tote

Create a Halloween tote bag using our Smarts and Crafts Metal Mash-Up.

Use one of Kid Made Modern’s smarts and crafts kits to customize a tote bag for Halloween! It’s a fun activity leading up to the holiday and perfect for collecting candy on the day of.

Metal Mashup Halloween Tote

The great thing about using one of Kid Made Modern’s smarts and crafts kits for this tote bag craft is that the possibilities for customizing the bag are endless! I love a touch of sparkle so I particularly like the metal mashup smarts and crafts kit. The copper tones included in the kit are especially suited for Halloween – they translate as a sort of metallic orange.

Once you put this kit in front of kids with a blank tote bag, their creative juices are guaranteed to start flowing. Maybe challenge them to use all the different type of materials in the kit somewhere on their tote. Or, challenge them to use only one type of material from the kit to customize their entire tote. Kids can customize their tote however suits their fancy but if you need a little inspiration, read below for one way of decorating your Halloween tote.

Metal Mashup Halloween Tote Materials


Kid Made Modern Metal Mash-Up Kit

- Tote bag

- Scissors

- Hot glue gun (get help from an adult)

- Light orange paint pen for plastic/ metal. (I’m using a Japenese gel pen by Sakura called Decorese, available through Jet Pens: )


    Metal Mashup Halloween Tote Step 1

    First, I used the various sized copper discs from the kit and arranged them onto the tote in a random fashion. I made Jack-O-Lantern faces on each of the discs with the paint pen. Once dry, I hot glued all the discs onto the tote.

    Metal Mashup Halloween Tote Step 2

    Next, I hot glued the metal beads included in the kit for the stems of the Jack-O-Lanterns.

    Metal Mashup Halloween Tote Step 3

    Using the pipe cleaners from the kit, I shaped them the letters B, O, O. Then, I also hot glued the pipe cleaner letters onto the tote.

    Metal Mashup Halloween Tote Step 4

    Next, I used washi tape from the kit and cut it up into different sized lengths. I randomly pressed these strips of washi tape onto the tote for a confetti like pattern.

    Metal Mashup Halloween Tote Step 5

    To finish, I used copper wiring from the kit and wrapped it around my finger to create coils. I hot glued the copper wire near the top of the tote and accented it with a giant spider, which I made from the pompoms and pipe cleaners included in the kit. 

    Metal Mashup Halloween Tote Done

    * * *

    Manal Aman is a founder of the blog Hello Holy Days where she shares fun DIY and craft ideas for Ramadan, Eid and Hajj. She loves homemade parties and borrowing books from the library. On a Sunday afternoon, Manal can probably be found taking long walks in the woods, listening to Oprah’s podcast and snacking on French patisserie (hello macrons!)

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    Smarts and Crafts Metal Mash-Up