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Mini Charm String Puppet Show

This Charming DIY Project Is So Much Fun. You Can Create Your Own Stage and Characters With Our Charm Chest Jewelry Kit! 

Create and direct your own string puppet show with our Charm Chest Jewelry Kit! Design a quirky backdrop using cardboard from the kit and add in whatever characters you can create with our charms. A polka dot, space-exploring puppy? Makes sense!


- Charm Chest Jewelry Kit

- craft knife or scissors

- black paint

- duct tape or other heavy duty craft tape


1.  Create backdrop -- Remove cardboard platform from inside of the kit. Use duct tape to reinforce corners to make a sturdy box. Use black paint to cover entire inside of the backdrop box. Then use kit's paints, glitter, and sequins to create additional layers of design -- We made ours a space scene, but make whatever you like!


2.  Cut grooves for puppets -- use craft knife or scissors to cut a few different groves into the top of the backdrop box.

3. Paint charms -- use kit's paints to paint the charms.

4.  Attach strings and hang from grooves -- tie a good length of cord from kit onto each charm. Slide the end of the string up through a groove in the top of the backdrop. Loop it through a jump ring or tassel from the kit (depending on how wide the groove is) and tie to secure. Trim flush with the disc or tassel. Slide the jump rings along the top of the groove to move your puppet throughout the scene!


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