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Mini Driftwood Furniture

We have always been charmed and fascinated by miniature versions of things.  Here is a diminutive driftwood bench made with small pieces of reclaimed and sea washed wood found on a local beach.  You could also make similar small furniture or objects from twigs and branches.

This is a good exercise in creating a useful structure, even if it is only suitable for a paper person or a pet mouse. Please have fun making stuff from nature!

Tools Needed:

  1. an assortment of small driftwood pieces from the beach
  2. sandpaper
  3. wire
  4. wire snips
  5. water colors
  6. glue
  7. scissors
Here is the original pile of driftwood gathered at the beach.


Step 1:

Using a hand held craft saw, have a parent or adult cut the sizes of driftwood you will need, or select sizes that will work for all the pieces involved for your bench or chair. Instead of cutting consider snapping the smaller pieces then sanding the bottoms. This also works really well to achieve usable sizes wood bits.

Step 2:

Use water color washes to add a stain to the different pieces of the bench.

Step 3:

Start assembling the bench. 

Step 4:

Continue assembling the bench. 

Step 5:

Wire together the back of the bench before gluing to the seat.

Step 6:

You can also create paper people, pets and backgrounds to activate your miniature spaces.

Step 7:

You can trace photographs of family members or friends, print them out and cut them out or just draw from memory. Have Fun!