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Mono Printing Art Project

Make a bright mono print with our Washable Paint Set!

Have you ever tried mono printing?! It's a totally mesmerizing form of printmaking that artists to create a piece of art work that is made just once, unlike most printmaking, which allows for multiple copies of an original. It's also a really fun way to flip the script on a typical painting project. With a few of our paint supplies and some household materials, even the littlest of artists will be able to make a gallery-worthy print in no time.

Mono Printing Art Project Materials


- KMM Washable Paint Set

- large piece of sturdy paper, such as our Artist Pad

- flat, non-absorbent surface -- the back of an old baking sheet works great. You can also try a plastic placemat or even right on a tabletop (maybe not the good dining room table though).


Mono Printing Step 1

1. Paint design -- pick your favorite colors and paint whatever kind of design you like (we went a little Matisse-inspired here).

Mono Printing Step 2

2. Press print -- while the paint is still wet, carefully lay the piece of paper on top of your design. Press down gently and evenly, avoiding sliding the paper over the design. Starting at one end of the paper, peel the paper off the design.

That's it! Let it dry and hang your masterpiece!

Mono Printing Done

* * *

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